Enjoying a cocktail or a meal, the Alsterlagune offers a fantastic view of Hamburg along with is culinary delights, and she is situated right on the water. It is an ambience to be experienced either by day or by night. This restaurant with a view on the banks of the Binnenalster ("Inner Alster"] is inviting because of the delicious cuisine as well as the magnificent backdrop. Indulge yourself with a break in the cafe with a patio or with our changing lunch menu in the blue heart of Hamburg. It is no secret - you can really relax right on the water.

The Alsterlagune is a bar and restaurant combination right on the Alster that could not be any more spectacular. You can really enjoy an impressive 360 degree view of Hamburg and its old town. There is hardly better way to see out the day on a balmy summer evening. You don't have to wait until evening to be able to enjoy the cuisine though, the lunch time menu is just delicious. A few pleasant hours that can make anyone leave behind the hectic every day pace. Welcome aboard!
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Cooking for yourself may be trendy but that does not have to mean every day. Why not enjoy à la carte food by a professional chef and gourmet. right on the water, the view is an interesting accompaniment. Do you work in one of the offices nearby? Then enjoy your lunch break here and relax from the stress of the office routine. A healthy, varied lunch is important for performance after all. A look at the menu will give a deep insight into the food and drinks we offer. Try our dishes and enjoy a relaxed lunch break.
Directly on the water, it tastes delicious not only in summer on the Alsterlagune!

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The café with a patio and planks underfoot conjures up a maritime flair for all guests. The bar and restaurant combination right on the Alster ist an absolute success, and invites you to stay a while from lunchtime. A secret tip in Hamburg and the surrounding. A unique experience is guaranteed and remains in the memory of the guest for a long time. The delicious and unique dishes are conjured from local and seasonal ingredients. Who could resist that?

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Lunch, coffee and cakes or a romantic dinner for two, it is definitely worth a visit.


The Alsterlagune right on the water is one of the most popular restaurants in Hamburg. It is really cosy here, on the cool water and yet it in the centre of Hamburg. You can enjoy a relaxed alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail or delicious dishes in a maritime ambience here. So you can spend a really relaxed hour or two with a loved one here right on the water. An impressive view is included.


Have you got a hankering for a nice meal by professional chefs? Then the Alsterlagune is just the right place for you. The bar and restaurant combination right on the Alster invites you to linger a while. Going out to eat is always a highly emotional affair and at the same time a fundamental human need. It is always something special in the everyday routine and so is one of the highlights. A visit to a restaurant is always the overall experience of clinking glasses, decorative crockery and conversation at tables that is different to that at home. You can taste and try new dishes here without disturbance. This makes every meal an experience.

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Please note that we only accept reservations for the same day by telephone. Unfortunately, reservations at short notice that come via our contact form cannot be considered. Please call in such cases on (040) 323 101 08 an. Thanks!

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